KjellBot, encore

November 19, 2013



The dog with super powers.                   It took me.

The dog with the end of the calculus.

Behind the stone curtain façade, I assumed I’d be happy


I’m going to live like this,

more than any marketing fiction ever could.   Who will advance

into a place


for collective make-believe

and superfluous key changes?

The thought experiment simply represents

a preference for escapist narratives.                  people are a reasonable design

similar to a refuge from the real.

According to Creature,  the PR company is selling a tourist.

experiences we pay to pass up.

One of my written reciprocity contracts

could have recourse to express a sense of                         entertainment?

Creature, in my own hypothesis, is

trying its best to express a sense of                                                    an abyss.


                                                                              Is going to get us all

                            a little schadenfreude memento on my wall.

I wouldn’t usually recommend lending a hand to a friend.                         some-

times it’s just because I’m jealous of how popular you are.

they’re all kinda smudgey

here, as unrecognizable caricatures without becoming perverted

to their money you’ve never known before. Believe that you have, some-


               When there’s alcohol in your own utilities, you might be as aptly compared to the highway. traffic would be much easier to comprehend.

So long, line of cars. my mind is prebent for such flavors.

                                                                                                                            Hungry Like

                                                                      a brass trumpet forever blaring at him,

And he is.

the idea that our generation’s heroic model is the fish.

                                                                     as a society, the flesh, and I opted not

as beautiful as this.

A beautiful setting for a year younger, so I ended

up relatively old.


That’s what’s up.


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