KjellBot poems

November 14, 2013


I’m the third half of anyone         who doesn’t know anyone,                                          and

                                            fulfilling explicit gift requests.

The intangible

capital                 we absorb and reflect                      are those who are rendered here as well,

as a patriotic duty.

                                        Every smile made possible        by muscles attached to a sufficiently large network. As beautiful as will be such a powerful impediment to  attention,

                                     so goes the economy of Summer.



Best book review in a machine performing an inane chore.

Travel has only deepened my mystification with the work.

Consider a chair,

                                                                                                              a fork,      or perhaps

geeky little chunks of matter.

                            A bone scaffold.


            I’m enrolled in the air and your life

                                                                                    —to reclaim uniqueness among


First encounter with false profundity.

Even cooler narrated by Herzog though



3 A.M.                                                                                                      The real mayhem

                                                                                                          with the cool

with perverse delight…

The world has changed from the same key.

                                                                                        Microwave ghosts in

The 2010 Survey of Family Dogs

by Modest Mouse.

The world has been cancelled

due to tonight’s Sounds Familiar segment on NPR.

I already have more fun.

highly skeptical of algorithmic

              systems                    that choose content for you,

because of a great birthday.


The world has changed from now!!! go see you there!

                                                                              As beautiful as your status if you do,

you’ll eagerly await your next boredom.

At the tone.



… Beer? … My own lack of meaning. Whether or not we find such apps annoying and spammy.   Still, this



If only. If only this American decadence.

Happy to share some friend had fought deep

into a                                                                         strong

opinion on the real, HE shared Islamic militants’ hostile view of a whimsical aspect.

Once I feel that money

to make pancakes with you.



Quite welltimed with tear gas and

                                                                              bullets—what qualifies as serious?

                                                                    When I say ROFLMAO, I can’t think

                                                                  anyone’s really interesting question

                                                        is why we recoil from Richard Wagner’s

                                                    Tristan und Isolde.
If anything,                     the Seattle Symphony in the trilogy,

                                      loop jamming on their needs and wants

                                would be rocking my Japanese

                              construction worker pants at

                           the sense of desperate activity.

(He said I look like 2001.

Intrinsically painful.

             A perfect program music

        associated with psychic pain because…



—is no longer the Dawn of Man being serious?



He’s curious


the discrete material constituents

that giving makes us more than just

                                                  the wake of

                                                                            the minus world.


         that is repeating a previous harmonic idea

         that our region is a webplatform that lets  YOU hear the ocean, or…


The world is far better for an underlying dread of Puget Sound.

Throwing darts at the ferry.

                                                                                                     Any post from

                                                                                         the above definition

                                                                                         is swimming,

                                                                                       not to feel like

                                                                          I’m describing.


I’m in the center:


I love the world’s smallest grape.

Hope to be a Christmas movie.

Hug, an injured ant


          the ride always ends, and

          huckleberries trailside to me


Snow shoes off to fill your mind.

Let it


I edited these poems together from the output of the http://what-would-i-say.com/ app, a program that crawls Facebook accounts and makes Markov chain chatbots from them.

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